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All flower available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1oz quantities unless otherwise noted

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Alien Rift

An Ocean Grown Seeds Crossed Alien Abduction with Alien OG. This sought after Indica is sure to please those with stress and physical pain. With notes of tart lemon and spices; this extraterrestrial strain is sure to take you out of this world and off to dream land.

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Obi Wan OG #3

Ghost OG Kush crossed with Alien rift. Another gem by Ocean Grown Seeds. This one takes all the sugar of the rift and combines it with the effects of an OG. Great for easing anxiety and stress after a long day. The flavor of this indica dominant hybrid is pure OG: earthy, gassy pine that leaves behind an aftertaste you wish would never leave.

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Dream Weaver #3

Dreamweaver #3; like the #4 takes on a lot of the Sativa profiles. The buds are big, they grow huge on the plant, and are super frosty. The #3 has the best aroma: fruits, berries, and gas; reminiscent of Train Wreck. Another great day time medicine, that will keep you alert and active.

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Cookie Stomper #5

Dying Breed Seeds crossed the famous Girl Scout Cookies with OG Eddy to bring us Cookie Stomper. The #5 Is one of our favorite strains ever. The color is pure purple, with light orange hairs. These buds are coated in so many trichomes they look wet. The bud structure is tight and dense. These perfectly cured nuggets have that deep fuel/gas, earthy and pine flavor with hints of tropical fruits from the OG Eddy. This one is perfect for a movie and a stress-free night on the couch.

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Cookie Stomper #2

Dying Breed Seeds crossed the famous Girl Scout Cookies with OG Eddy to bring us Cookie Stomper. This one certainly lives up to its lineage. The #2 has smaller glistening dark green to light purple nuggets. This one has notes of both the OG and the Cookies. Great strain to get into when everything from the day is done and it’s time to relax.

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Dream Weaver #4

This Sativa Dominant Hybrid yields some of the prettiest buds we have ever seen. Deep Purple bud structure with bright eye-popping orange hairs, that pop through the dense collection of trichomes make this a sure winner all day long. The flavor is berry, very reminiscent of its parent, Blue Dreams.

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DreamWeaver #1

This phenotype has the best of both worlds, with its intense sweet berry aroma that hits the second you open the jar. This takes the flavor of the #3 and the Looks of the #4 and combines them to give you big chunky frosty dark green and purple buds. This pheono is the strongest of the three. Great for the experienced day time smoker, who is looking for relief without feeling groggy.

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Cookie Stomper #7

Dying Breed Seeds crossed the famous Girl Scout Cookies with OG Eddy to bring us Cookie Stomper. The #7 and #5 are similar in result, though, you would never know it with how different the plants grow! The colors are little lighter in the #7, but still full of purple and orange. The flavor is also very gassy and earthy, with way more notes of tropical fruits than the #5. Another strain great for pain and relaxation.

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Jawa Pie

Ocean Grown Seeds crossed their own Alien Rift with Cookie Farm’s Key Lime Pie cut to create a very strong Indica. The feeling is very stoney, leaving your limbs heavy and your mind light. The flavor is one for the connoisseur, lime shortbread and menthol combine for one of the smoothest flavors you will find. Stress, anxiety and physical pain will be lifted immediately after a toke from this flower. A Leb City Favorite.

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